This is what females think of men who wear cologne

Most men use cologne but few think about its impact on those near them. If you thought about how that cologne affects your loved ones or those you interact with, you will definitely make an informed buying decision any time you restock. As a matter of fact, the people who are most affected are the women the man interacts with on a daily basis. If the woman is a spouse, she is always a sniffing distance from the man. It therefore makes a lot of sense for the man to choose the right cologne.

We invited 3 models to the GQ HQ and we learnt a lot from them. The trio smelled some of the recent colognes introduced in the market and share with us their views. In the excerpts below, you will also find what they think about fragrances and men in general.

Lisa Marie Jaftha- Major Model Agency

Her Instagram: @lisamariejaftha

Lisa likes it when men wear cologne. She is particularly fond of Christian Homme and confessed she has used the fragrance in the past. Last year, she encountered a man who had used Christian Homme and was really impressed. She will not hesitate to recommend it to other men. Christian Homme is an example of the unisex fragrances in the market today. Lisa advised men to go for fresh smelling fragrances and not to overdo their cologne. When it comes to the smell, she prefers something that is fresh and slightly floral.

Karen Lima- One.1 Management Model Agency

Her Instagram: @karenlimabrazil

Karen is also okay with men using cologne. She prefers Caroline Herrera for men and Ralph Lauren Polo. She advises men to go for strong fragrances. They should also avoid anything sweet or that smells like a lady’s perfume. Just like Lisa Marie, she also advises on applying a modest amount.
She told us that the cologne Brazilian men use is different to what guys in America use. She surprisingly observed that all Brazilian men use one specific kind of perfume. Unfortunately, she could not recall the name.

Mari Fonesca- One.1 Model Agency

Her instagram: @marianne_fonesca

Mari Fonesca is also okay with men using cologne. She really loves that. This is not surprising given that she uses a lot of cologne combinations too. She is a very sensitive person when it comes to smell and cannot stand a guy who smells bad. She prefers Giorgio Armani Acqua di gi and Jean Paul Gaultier. These products are sexy and fresh. She also recommends Natura from Brazil. Natura is from the Amazon regions, is very natural, and fresh. She also advises men no to overdo their cologne.

Parting Shot

It is very clear that men should use cologne to attract women and turn them on. It is good for the man and for the women he interacts with.

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