Thank you for your interest in the Watsonville Police Department. “Leadership, Partnership, and Quality Service” is our motto and community policing is our philosophy. We are a very active department with a highly dedicated group of men and women who strive to do their best to protect and serve the public. Above all else, we believe in the importance of good character tested and demonstrated in our daily activities.

We invest in our employees and provide a great deal of training and equipment so that you receive not only the right person for the job, but someone who is prepared to sincerely help you with your concerns.

But we don’t work alone. We are part of a larger team, joined by many community-based organizations, businesses and other government agencies committed to improving the quality of life for our residents and guests.

Technology is also important to us. The ability to rapidly bring information to our officers in the field helps them solve problems important to you and your neighborhood. I’m proud to say that the Watsonville Police Department is changing to meet the many needs of a fast growing community.

These are challenging times, but we are ready to deliver the service you deserve.


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