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There’s nothing more invigorating than being on the winning end of catching a large sea critter. These days, with shows like, Wicked Tuna, and, Hooked, more people are taking interest in recording their trophy catches.

Which brings us to the Sturgeon fish. Some call the fish a beast, while others call the Sturgeon, “Dino fishing.”

Because of its size, look, and level of thrill in catching it, more and more people are biting at the bit to fish for one. So what is a Sturgeon fish? Where can you find it? What are some tips in catching one? We will explore each question and give you the know-how on catching one!

What Is A Sturgeon FIsh

The Sturgeon fish could quite literally be a beast featured out of a poorly budgeted horror flick. It is that creepy. Scientists claim the species was around during the Dinosaur era, hence the name, “Dino fishing.”

In areas like British Columbia, the “beast” is called a “White Sturgeon.”

There once was an abundance of Lake Sturgeon fish around the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River Valley, but after people began fishing for them because of their eggs and tasty meats, the fish decreased in population.

The Sturgeon is the largest freshwater game fish in North America, and can be found in lakes or rivers. They hate saltwater. Males on average can live up to 55 years and females 155. Some are as big as six feet, while it isn’t uncommon to find a nine footer at about 200 to 400 pounds.

They have a greenish/grey body, a pointed snout, with skeletal plates on their sides. They have bony scutes that cover the head, and a toothless mouth. They belong to more than 25 species of fish in the family, Acipenseridae.

Catching A White Sturgeon

If you are taking a trip out to BC, or British Columbia, you are in luck with Sturgeon. According to Fraser River Lodge, British Columbia has over 60,000 Sturgeon fish swimming around its waters on the Fraser River.

Fraser River Canyon is considered one of the best spots to fish, but a lot of Fraser River isn’t fishable. Finding a spot may require some due diligence.

You could also look at a fishing guide like the one listed above to help you spot where the White Sturgeon are located.

Where They Swim

Once you get out to your fishing destination, there are some helpful spots to look for the Sturgeon fish. Because these critters like large freshwater rivers and lakes, you can find them dwelling on the bottoms of both.

You may want to check in spots like drop-offs, eddies, and deep holes.

When They Are Most Active

If you do plan on using a guide, you are going to find that a lot of companies are becoming quickly book. This is why it is important to start acting fast. If you do it yourself, however, most experts agree, September to Mid-November is a great time to catch White Sturgeon in British Columbia. You can start as early as March.

What You Will Need To Catch Them

You’ve found your fishing destination, and now you are eager for the feat. There are some key things you should consider bringing along with.

The perfect tackle box and set up for Sturgeon Fish would include these items:

Octopus Style Hooks: Sturgeon fish are very solid and strong. You’ll need a good hook to latch in and penetrate the fish.

20-22 foot Jet Boat. These are quick and big enough for the fish. If they aren’t biting in one spot, you can quickly navigate to another.

Pliers: You’ll need something substantial to unlatch the hook from the Sturgeon’s mouth.

Measuring tape: To see what you got and get an estimate on the weight.

Gloves: The bony scutes that Sturgeon fish have are very sharp and can cut through the skin.

Plenty of bait: Whether you do Squid, Herring, or Smelt. Sturgeon fish seem to like raunchy and fetid bait like Minnow. Toss on several nightcrawlers on a 1/0 line and the fish will come feasting for it. The Minnow also deters other bait vultures from leering on your trophy effort.

Heavy duty tackles with heavy duty 8 or 9 foot rods. Make sure the bottom is rugged and you have a good medium action. Muskie rods work fine. 20 pound line for the smaller Sturgeon, and at least an 80 pound line for the bigger Sturgeon.

A partner: When pulling in a Sturgeon, you better prepare for a battle. It helps having two sets of hands. One set to grab the tail, and another set to pull up the beast by the belly.

A large enough net.

Elastic thread or spawn sackcloth to deter bait thieves.

The Final Cast

Catching a Sturgeon fish in British Columbia is one of the most popular fishing expenditures out there in North America. Thanks to the fight the fish puts up, the beautiful scenery of the land, and the quality of the fish, you can see why it is.

But you can’t just pull up with a boat and think it will all be good. There will require some scouting and research. But if you do that, and you take some of these tips into consideration, you will be on your way to catching a White Sturgeon along the Fraser River Canyon in B.C.

Hold Up! Wait a Minute

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